Get Involved with Lost City Farm

We offer our volunteers the opportunity to support a sustainable food system while experientially cultivating their knowledge of how and why we grow food here in the High Desert.

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Farm Wish List

Trash to Treasure! Let us put your unused and unwanted tools and materials to work. If you have something to donate, trade, or sell please drop us a line.

• Tools: digging bar, pick axe, rakes, lopers, hand pruners
• Organizational stuff for the shed: hooks, shelves, wood, etc.
• iPad (for credit card sales during farm stand)
• Broad Fork
• Compost
• 50-100ft hoses
• Tarps
• Paper grocery bags
• 4x4s
• A solar panel
• Shade sails
• Watering hose
• Hay bales
• Rubberbands
• Nails
• Screws
• 5 gallon buckets

Lost City Farm